Corporate Branding (29 September – 2 October 2020) : With this training activity, the companies in our cluster; it is aimed to realize the importance of brand strategies and marketing strategies in increasing export figures by having the necessary perspective to analyze the movements of the changing world market in the home textile and apparel clothing sector.


Sustainability in Textile (6 October 2020) : The issue of sustainability, which is an indispensable part of today’s textile production, has been discussed in a multi-faceted way in training. These activities have gained momentum with the increase in environmental threats and the increase in the sensitivity of world-famous apparel and clothing brands and the tightening of their controls.


Trend Tracking and Analysis (21 – 22 January 2021) : Comprehensive presentations explaining the design process in every detail in the apparel-clothing and home textile sectors were shared, and all product predictions for the Spring/Summer 2022 season were presented. Therefore, with this training, the participants had the knowledge to use and apply the trend in the right way and at the right time.


Corporate Carbon Footprint ISO (3 – 4 February 2021) : Our cluster, which determines its strategies and actions in order to transition to a circular economy and a low carbon economy, will be able to ensure their continuity in a competitive environment by better managing the effects of climate change. This training conveyed to the participants the requirements for the calculation, monitoring and reduction of carbon emissions, which are the main cause of climate change, in accordance with international methodologies.


Technical Textiles (25 – 26 May 2021) : It is aimed to develop technical textile products in line with the expectations and needs of each participating company in order to contribute to the transition process to the production and export of Technical Textiles and to increase their competitiveness in the global market.


GRI-Corporate Sustainability Reporting (23 June 2021) : Within the scope of this training, our focus is on how to monitor the Environmental, Social and Managerial performance of a business. The globally accepted and most widely used GRI Standards – Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Standards, which are used to monitor corporate sustainability performance, have been examined in detail.


Efficiency and Cleaner Production (1 September 2021) : With the training activity, it is aimed to create cleaner production, eco-efficiency, less use of raw materials and energy, increase reuse and recycling, create less waste, reduce the amount of hazardous waste, and create an environmentally friendly waste management approach.


Eco-Labels General Training (26 October 2021) : In the training, which was introduced with the titles of “Sustainability and Sustainable Development”, the principles of sustainability in textile and the subject were examined in our own field. Then, the definitions of eco-label concept, its types and all ecological labels in the field of textile were examined in a very comprehensive way. Ecological labels applications in the world and the current situation in Turkey were discussed. The training was concluded by explaining the certification processes and the usage areas of ecological labels for marketing purposes.